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News and Announcements

What is ATS?

Allied Testing Services (ATS) being a modern and determined testing services Provider Company having an excellent history in testing and quality assurance. Though, ATS is newly established company yet gaining reputation for offering fool-proof, transparent and cost-effective services to its valued clients.
ATS is Pakistan’s one of the best testing services company, primly focusing to promote merit and careful recruiting with zero tolerance policy. ATS is following transparent and corruption-free testing system to find talent. Test centers of our organization are located in almost forty major cities of Pakistan to cope with more than 5,000 applicants per city per day.
Established in 2010, Allied Testing Services (ATS) provides educational and recruitment services to colleges, universities, companies, public organizations and other academic institutions. However, our services also include training and development programs for the students and employees of an organization.
ATS is led by Board of Governors (BoG) who reserve all the legal and fiduciary rights of the company. The board works under the developed framework of the organization’s Articles of Incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation), bylaws and strategic plan.
ATS is a professional organization that offers unique solutions and services with potentiality and its main focus inexclusively on providing high quality under strict security arrangements.

Test & Training Centers

ATS is working smoothly all over the country in order to allow both the clients and candidates with 100 percent premium services. Our aim is to make sure refinement, security and high quality under strict arrangements in any case.
We have a network of training and testing centers that is spread in more than forty major cities of Pakistan where our prestigious partners facilitate us in carrying out our operations. These training centers are registered and well-equipped with all facilities. However, we are also ready to arrange test centers on demand anywhere in Pakistan.
To take a test or exam, we also commission our dedicated team members to the test centers in order to monitor the entire process themselves. These members help in facilitating the students/candidates.

Why you use ATS as Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment through ATS is the most beneficial experience to the clients since we not only certify transparency but also fool-proof arrangements in the process. We propose best hiring solutions to both private and public sectors of Pakistan. This process involves:

  • Receiving applications
  • Shortlisting of the forms as per the demanded qualifications
  • Test preparation & printing
  • Initial screening of the applicants
  • Customer service to reply to queries and questions
  • Venue selection and arrangement
  • Travel planning
  • Test/interview arrangement under strict security
  • Result announcement on the website
  • Coordinating and Result sharing with the client organization as per the contract

35+ Test Centers Across Pakistan

Islamabad Lahore Rawalpindi Multan Faisalabad Sargodha Mianwali D.G.Khan Jhelum Attock Bahawalnagar Wah Cantt Sialkot Bahawalpur Okara Gujranwala Karachi Hyderabad Mirpur Khas Sukker Jamshoro Nawab shah Larkana Peshawar Bannu Kohat Mardan Swat Abbotabad D.I Khan Quetta Khuzdar Turbat Gilgit Skardu Parachinar Khar Muzaffarabad

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