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UAT-UG is the name of a test that is taken by ATS for Pakistani universities. Candidates having completed 12-14 years of education appear in this test to stand eligible for admission to universities in their respective group.


UAT-Medical test is for the admission in ATS Pakistan-associated medical colleges and universities. The candidates having completed 12 years of education appear in a single test in order to stand eligible for further admission in a medical college or university.


UAT-PG test is the admission test for ATS Pakistan-related universities. The candidates who complete 16 years of education appear in UAT-PG to stand eligible for admission to all universities in their respective subject area.

Customize Assessments

ATS are offering custom assessment solutions that combine world class research and psychometric expertise with elements of our product portfolio. The solution includes:


UAT-Engineering is the test for getting admission in Engineering in the colleges and universities of Pakistan. Candidates with 12 years of education can appear in this test and stand eligible for admission in the universities.