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Interview Schedule (AFIRI, Rawalpindi)

Interviews Announcement:
Armed Forces Institute of Radiology & Imaging (AFIRI), Rawalpindi

Interviews for the various regular posts of (BPS-11 to BPS-14) will be held on Tuesday 22nd September, 2020 while for posts of (BPS-1 t0 BPS-10) on Wednesday, 23rd Sep, 2020 at 3rd Floor, Armed Forces Institute of Radiology & Imaging, PEMH Complex, Mall Road Rawalpindi 

Note: Use of face mask 😷 is mandatory. The standard operating procedure (SOPs) formed by the government will be strictly followed to contain the spread of COVID-19 amid a surge in new corona-virus cases.

Shortlisted candidates has been intimated via SMS & Calls from ATS